Elix CNC drill and insertion

CNC Drill and Dowel Insertion

Product Information

Brand/Model: Elix B
Machine Type: Drill and Insertion
Year of Mfg: BRAND NEW


The Biesse Elix B is a point to point boring, glue and dowel inserting machine guarantees the maxium flexibility in the production of kitchens, furniture, drawers and small parts.

  • CNC Drill and dowel insertion machine.
  • Batch one, no setup between different parts sizes.
  • The machine features a single spindle for drilling, a dowel insertion unit, and a glue injecting unit installed on a carriage moving in the X-axes.
  • The position of bores and dowels is provided through simple programs made at the numerical or through third party software.
  • The X-axes of the machine moves on a precision machine ground ball screw powered by brushless servo motor.
  • The numerical control interface is intuitive, user-friendly and very easy to use.